zondag 1 mei 2011

Frozen fruit smoothies

It's that time of the month already, potluck time over at I Heart cooking blogs. Didn't had a lot of time to participate this week so kept it simple. Come and have a look what everybody else brought to the table.


(makes 2 glasses)

• 1 ripe banana
• 1 glass of frozen fruit of your choice: mango, blackcurrants, or strawberries
• 2 heaped tablespoons natural yogurt
• 1 small handful of quick cook oats (not instant)
• 1 small handful of mixed nuts
• 1 glass of soy milk, fat free milk, or op pie juice

Optional: honey, to taste


Smoothies are not only deliciously tasty but they're also perfect to have for breakfast, as they're full of goodness. Adding quick cook oats and nuts to them is great, because it helps slow down the absorption of the sugar from the fruit into your bloodstream, which gives you more energy for longer. The great thing about frozen fruit is that it's been picked at its best, at the right time, and hasn't been forced to grow out of season, like so much of the "fresh" fruit on offer to us these days. It's also cheaper and far more convenient— it will keep happily in your freezer for months on end, so any time you fancy a smoothie, you can have one!

These smoothies are best made in a blender, as opposed to a food processor, as this will give your smoothies a lovely silky texture. And feel free to use any fruit you like, either one type or a mixture. Raspberries are really tasty and you can use them here, but I tend to stay away from them because of the seeds.

Peel and slice your banana and put it into a blender with your frozen fruit and the yogurt. Whiz it up and add the oats and nuts. Add the soy milk, fat free milk, or apple juice and whiz again, until nice and smooth. If it's a bit too thick for you, just add a splash more milk or juice and whiz around again. Give it a good stir, then have a taste. Rarely with a frozen fruit smoothie should you need to sweeten it, but if you think it needs a bit of extra sweetness you can add a little honey to taste — you won't need much.

From: Jamie's food revolution

Notes: Made a delicious banana&strawberry smoothie, very easy and simple to make. But the taste is fantastic and there healthy.

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  1. Fast and delicious !!! Ciao Yvette !

  2. I love a good smoothie recipe--this one looks thick and delicious. Great pick. ;-)

  3. I drink smoothies all the time and sometimes put peanut butter in them but I never thought of putting nuts or oats. Great idea. Thanks!

  4. Wow, what a great idea to put oats in there! I would never have thought of that. Great, and healthy, thickener.

  5. Nice and healthy but whta a treat. Nice choice :-)

  6. This is the perfect snack! Delicious.

  7. Jamie's smoothie recipe is high up on my list. I've never made a smoothie with oats and nuts added in before. Yours looks delicious!