dinsdag 3 april 2012

Cheese-swirled chocolate bundt cake - THB

A new baking challenge with The Home Bakers. Starting today with this delicious cheese-swirled chocolate bundt cake!

About The Home Bakers

We are a group of home bakers who share the same passion in baking and we love collecting cookbooks! Most of us would probably have tried out about 2 or 3 recipes from some of the books that we own and these books somehow got pushed back till later or kinda forgotten, as we collect more cookbooks along the way! So at THB, we will bake from one cookbook only, until every recipe has been baked. This will not only fully utilized your cookbook to the maximum, but it will widen your baking skills, and learn more about baking as we share our experiences together. Come join us as we venture into the exciting world of baking right in our own kitchen haven. The challenge of The Home Bakers is to complete every recipe from one chosen cookbook. This will be an easier challenge if we are baking and sharing our experiences together. There's always something new to learn about baking!

The Chosen Book
We are currently baking from "Coffee Cakes" by Lou Seibert Pappas, who has written more than 50 cookbooks. "Coffee Cakes" is a beautiful cookbook with various bakes covering Sunday Brunch Cakes, Everyday Morning Cakes, Savory Picnic Cakes, Bundt Party Cakes and Delectable Dessert Cakes, a total of 60 wonderful recipes. Just by taking a peek at this book, would make you want to bake each and every recipes!

So a few weeks back i stumbled up on this site and as a cookbook addict it seemed nice to join in a club where whe would make every recipe from just one book(and didn't already started baking/cooking). So i ordered the book immediatly. I finally received my copy of coffecakes last week ans started baking last saturday. The recipe for this first time baking together was picked by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours who also is the creative mind behind The Home Bakers.
She chose to make this Cheese-swirled chocolate bundt cake and the recipe can be found at her blog, Right here.

The preparation of the cake wasn't very difficult to me, but i had some questions about how to put in the cheesecake filling? Because in the picture in the book the filling is actually INSIDE the cake and mine isn't(like you can see in my picture). In the recipe it is descriped as "Spoon half of the chocolate mixture into the prepared pan. Carefully spoon the cheesefilling over.Spoon the remaining chocolate mixture over and smooth the top." Naive as i am thinking the cheescake would end up nicely in the middle of the cake! Does anyone of you has any recommendations or tips how to get it in the middle of the cake the next time i would bake this cake?

Also i had to alternate two ingredients; The first one was the canola oil because its not a common product in this little corner of the world i substituded it for the exact amound of sunflower oil. The second where the walnuts i substituded them for pecans just because i had them in my pantry.

The baking time of 1 hour and 15 minutes my cake really needed that time to be ready, but after 45 minutes i coverded the cake pan with thin foil because the bottom was getting a litlle dry. Then when i removed the cak pan after 15 minutes waiting to cool down, i saw that the cheesecake filling didn't and up in the middle of the cake and i was a little bit dissapointed. But when i served this as a dessert that evening for my guests they loved it! and ofcourse i did too. The bottom became a little dry but the rest of the cake tasted even better the next day....

 Next time we will be baking a Apricot-Pistachio-Lemon Coffee Cake, so come bake here to see that on the 24th of April!

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  1. Hi Yvette,
    Your cake looks lovely. Love your presentation with the strawberries! I'm glad that your guests enjoyed the cake! Yes, the cake tastes better overnight. I think that it would be difficult to get the cream cheese settling right in the centre nestled in the batter! Maybe perhaps, a pathway is created in the batter as we pour the cream cheese in? I think that would still be quite impossible? This is an interesting bake with various reviews from everyone! Looking forward to next bake! Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Joyce,
      I think you are right, and it would be difficult to get the cheese filling in the middle.
      But Lena did it so i might follow her directions or try freezing as Emily suggested.
      I'm looking forward to our next bake too!

  2. hi yvette, nice to know you thru THB. You got a very nice bundt pun here and the cake is very pretty! when i was scooping the cheese mixture into the chocolate mixture, i kept thinking of the middle swirl, i carefully put the cheese mixture in the centre and make a line around the whole cake, just not too much otherwise the cheese mixture will spread when the next chocolate mixture pour on top of it. if it spreads, then it kinda of jumble up with the choc mixture, then you wont be able to see it in the centre, it will be more like a marble effect. Anyway, i didnt get the filling in the centre for the whole cake, only part of the cake, i realised that the filling was a little inadequate for the whole cake, the next time if i were to make this again, i definatly wont halve the filling amount. Happy baking!!

    1. Hi Lena,
      Nice to know you tru THB! I' m glad with youre advice on this so next time i will follow it.

  3. Hi Yvette,

    Nice to know you thru THB. I bake this cake in the form of mini Bundts but didn't turn out well and so I decided not to post it. Hope that my future bakes will be better :D


    1. Hi Zoe!
      I hope your next bake will be better, so you can post it with the rest of us:-)

  4. Hi fellow THB member!

    Lovely presentation you have here!

    I did thought of freezing the filling to a stage where it could be piped but got lazy!

    1. Hi Emily,
      Freezing could be the solution to my problem, thanks!

  5. Hi Yvette! I think your cake looks very pretty! I couldn't get the filling to stay in the middle as well, but the cake is still delicious nonetheless ;)