zondag 8 juli 2012

Tropical pink limeade


 Salud! is this weeks theme at I heart cooking clubs. And while í am making this post the rain is pouring, but when i made this thirst quensing limeade this week it was very hot outhere and we where really in the mood for this limeade.

It even was a coinsidense that i could get my hand on prickly pears because i never noticed them before in any shop, but now they where there and the taste is great in this lovely pink limeade.



Tropical Pink Limeade


Makes 5 or 6 servings
Courtesy by Rick Bayless
Recipe from Season 3 of Mexico - One Plate at a Time


1 1/3 cups fresh lime juice
1 quart water (use sparkling water for a festive touch)
1/3 to 1/2 cup sugar
2 or 3 prickly pears


In a large pitcher, mix together the lime juice, water and smaller amount of sugar. Taste and add more sugar if you think the limonada needs it. Serve over ice.

Cut the ends off 2 or 3 prickly pears (handle prickly pears with latex or rubber gloves or with tongs). Make a shallow slit down the length of each one, then peel away the thick skin; discard. In a small bowl, crush the fruit into a coarse puree, then strain the puree into the limeade mixture. Taste and add more lime or sugar if necessary.

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  1. That bright pink color is gorgeous! So festive and cheery. I love prickly pears and bought a bunch this morning, but they didn't last long. Will have to buy more this week so I can make this. :)

  2. How fun to be able to find prickly pears to work with. I love how pretty pink this drink is! ;-)

  3. Hi Yvette, Your drink looks so refreshing with gorgeous colour! I do not know what is prickly pears! I googled for the info and find that they are very interesting, something that I would really love to try!
    Have a lovely week!

  4. Very cool that you were able to find prickly pears! This sounds so refreshing, and I know we'd love it. Especially the hubs - prickly pears (tunas) are one of his favorites! =)

  5. What a gorgeous photo! I have never seen prickly pears before here. I'll keep an eye out. Delicious and refreshing drink!