zondag 14 maart 2010

Dutch "Ontbijtkoek"

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My first post on my blog...
And its a real Dutch delicacy "Ontbijtkoek" (literally translated it means Breakfast cookie.

Dutch people love it, and we eat it al day long(not only at breakfast time). There are also a lot of variations on this cake. I made mine plane with nuts on top.

250 grams Brown sugar
100 ml water
2 eggs
2 tbl spoons of Spice mix(see below)
1,5 tbl spoon honey
250 grams Flour
1 tblspoon baking powder

150 grams various nuts

Spice mix(in dutch"koekkruiden")
30 grams cinnamon powder
10 grams clove powder
10 grams nutmeg
5 grams white pepper
5 grams anise
5 grams coriander/ketoembar

Just mix al ingredients wel.

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees C (356 degrees F) with rack in center of the oven.
Butter and flour, or spray with a nonstick vegetable/flour spray, a 9 x 5 x 3 inch (23 x 13 x 8 cm) loaf pan.

Mix baking powder with the flour. In another bowl mix the sugar with the water, eggs, spicemix and the honey.Add the dry ingredients to the water/egg mixture and beat until incorporated. Immediately pour into the prepared pan. Top of with the nuts ore anything else.

Bake in the preheated oven for about 50 - 55 minutes, last 10 minutes at 130 degrees C(266 degrees F). Get the cak out the pan and wrap it in aluminium foil to cool down, so it crust stays soft and sticky.

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