dinsdag 13 maart 2012

Dutch "Boterkoek" for my 2nd blogiversary!

Dutch butter cake/cookie "boterkoek" is an easy recipe made with real Butter. It's a real rich, dense and buttery cake ofcourse, and is traditionally baked in a 20-24cm(8-9,5 inch)  round pan. This is the classic version but there are more version, this varieties are filled with almond paste, apricot or ginger. This cookie is mosthly eaten during coffee or thea- time in the netherlands.

Dutch butter cake"boterkoek"

Makes 10-12 portions

250G( +8 oz) Soft real butter
250G All-purpose flour
250G Sugar
2 Eggs
50G Almond flakes
Pinch of salt

Preheat the oven to 180C (355F). Butter or grease your cake pan and line with parchment paper, if you don't have a round cake pan you can use a square brownie pan instead.

Whisk the butter and sugar together in the mixer (or by hand), put in 1 egg and the pinch of salt. Add in the flour and mix untill the dough forms a soft ball. Spread the dough ball equaly in your lined baking pan. Cover the douch with some eggwash of the other egg and sprinkle with the almond flakes.
Bake for about 25 minutes untill its golden brown.

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  1. Oh yum, that looks absolutely delicious! I would have a slice right now with a cup of tea if I could :)